Biometra TRIO


Three thermocyclers in one for maximum flexibility and high sample throughput. The Biometra TRIO provides three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel.

Features :

  • Runs three different programs at the same time
  • High parallel throughput up to 144 samples
  • Different block formats available : 30-well, 48-well, combi
  • Large 7" color touchscreen display

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The Biometra TRIO Touch Thermocycler is the only instrument that provides three independent blocks and heated lids in one housing. Thanks to the multiblock technology three different independent protocols can be run in parallel. The Biometra TRIO Touch Thermocycler is available in different versions with three blocks for 48 x 0.2 ml tubes , 30 x 0.5 ml tubes or as combi block version for 48 x 0.2 ml or 18* x 0.5 ml tubes. Therefore the Biometra TRIO Touch offers high throughput in parallel operation (up to 144 x 0.2 ml samples) in combination with the flexibility to run different protocols. This makes the Biometra TRIO Touch Thermocycler the perfect instrument for laboratories with the demand for high flexibility and the often required need to optimise new PCR protocols.

* capacity increases to 35 x 0.5 ml tubes by use of small cap tubes

Display and Software

The large 7'' TFT touch display of the Biometra TRIO Thermocycler are arranged at an angle to ensure ergonomic, reflection-free programming.

The intuitive Biometra TRIO software offers easy spreadsheet programming philosophy. New programs are easily created in a well arranged screen that avoids the need to toggle between different windows. This makes the creation of new or editing existing programs fast and easy. One touch leads from the spreadsheet to the alternative graphical programming mode. For easy retrieval, programs can be stored in 30 individual subdirectories (optionally password protected). By the administrator function the accumulation of unused programs or user directories can be managed to keep the memory content up-to date.

The Biometra TRIO is delivered with a folder containing pre-installed protocols for various PCR applications. The pre-installed protocols can be started directly or copied into any user directory to become modified as desired. The protocols therefore offer an excellent tool to obtain the desired result as quickly as possible and without much programming effort. Another useful option to accelerate the way to results is the protocol quick start option. For each user the Biometra TRIO individually displays the five latest used programs for quick start. Thus for routinely used programs there is no need to toggle between different windows and to screen the user directory for the wanted program.

Air stream design and superior ramping rates

By the elegant housing with improved air stream design and the complete new hardware architecture the Biometra TRIO Touch achieves higher heating and cooling rates. High ramping rates provide both short experimental times and increased specificity. The airstream is especially guided to efficiently cool all sources of heat emission and is exhausted to the rear. Therefore the instruments can be placed directly side by side. In combination with the compact footprint of only 30 cm x 41 cm valuable bench space is saved.

Temperature Optimisation Step (TOS)

To find the optimal annealing temperature of new primers pairs the Biometra TRIO Touch Thermocycler offers the new Temperature Optimisation Step (TOS) function. Temperature Optimisation Steps, by making use of the three blocks, provide different annealing temperatures in a gradient-like fashion. In the corresponding screen just enter an annealing temperature for the block in the middle and an increment, defining the temperature difference for the first and third block. For maximum ease of use programs containing Temperature Optimisation Steps automatically start on all three blocks, there is no need to start and stop the blocks individually.


  • Three independent Thermocyclers in one housing
  • Highest heating and cooling rates (up to 5°C/sec)
  • Runs three different programs at the same time
  • High parallel throughput up to 144 samples
  • Different block formats available: 30-well, 48-well, combi
  • Improved block accessibility
  • Three High Performance Smart Lids (HPSL) with automatic pressure control
  • New air stream design
  • Large 7" color touchscreen display
  • Pre-installed protocols
  • New Temperature Optimisation Step (TOS)
  • Protocol quick start option
  • Versatile USB functions
  • Skip function
  • Multiblock selection function


Biometra TRIO 30Biometra TRIO 48Biometra TRIO combi
3 x 30 x 0.5 ml

3 x 48 x 0.2 ml
48-well microplates
3 x 6 x 8-strip tubes
3 x 18 x 0.5 ml
3 x 48 x 0.2 ml
48-well microplates
3 x 6 x 8-strip tubes
Temperature range3°C to 99°C
Max. heating rate4.0°C/sec5.0°C/sec3.0°C/sec
Avg. heating rate3.6°C/sec4.2°C/sec2.7°C/sec
Max. cooling rate3.6°C/sec4.2°C/sec2.7°C/sec
Avg. cooling rate3.2°C/sec3.8°C/sec2.4°C/sec
Thermal uniformity± 0.6°C at 95°C
± 0.3°C at 70°C
± 0.2°C at 50°C
Thermal accuracy±0.1°C
Heated lidHigh Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) for optimal lid pressure and excellent temperature uniformity
Block typeAluminium
Cool samples at 4°CYes
Display7'' color touchscreen
Programs                  30 individual subdirectories, 350 average programs
Auto restart after power failureYes
Power supply100, 115, 230V / 50 – 60 Hz
InterfacesUSB A, Ethernet
Power consumption1000W
Dimensions (W x D x H)30.0 x 41.0 x 25.0 cm
Weight17.3 kg