Enduro Vertical PAGE System

Enduro Vertical PAGE System

Product Description

Modular system - The modularity of the Enduro System is based on three operational inserts and a common buffer tank. All three inserts, PAGE, electroblotting and 2D electrophoresis, have their own electrode assembly that connects into the lid of the buffer tank.

Built for safety and endurance - For leakproof performance and a long service life, the buffer tank is molded from high quality acrylic. Pins on the top of the inserts ensure that the lid is placed onto the insert in the proper orientation. These pins also aid in removal of the lid. Removing the lid disconnects power to the electrodes.

Accepts most pre-cast gels - Most precast gels, including NuSep", Bio-Rad", Invitrogen" and Cambrex" can be used with the Enduro PAGE System. The use of precast gels saves time by eliminating the need to pour gels and wait while they polymerize.


Enduro PAGE System
Gel Dimensions 10 x 10cm
Capacity 2 gels/run
Maximum samples 20 per gel
Tank (LxWxH) 13.0 x 19.0 x 15.0cm
Buffer volume 250ml


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