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MiniOne PCR & Electrophoresis System


The MiniOne System is the solution that enables you to teach electrophoresis and PCR with ease and confidence in the classroom.

Features :

  • 16-sample capacity PCR
  • Complete compact and safe electrophoresis system
  • Non-hazardous GelGreen™ stain fluorescing in blue light
  • Connection to mobile devices without cable or WIFI
  • Intuitive and interactive app for mobile devices

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The MiniOne PCR System provides a fast and reliable hands-on PCR DNA amplification experience in the classroom. Students can set up reactions and program and monitor their PCR protocol on mobile tablets (iPad or Android), smartphones, and laptops – all in one classroom session. Set-up and prep for the experiment is fast and simple. The MiniOne PCR System makes PCR exciting and accessible for your classroom and provides your students the opportunity to engage deeply with core biological concepts.

Sample capacity

The MiniOne PCR System accommodates up to 16 samples which is ideal for 2 – 4 groups of students or a small class. For larger classes, multiple PCR systems can be used to maintain hands-on interaction for all your students.

Fast amplification

Peltier-driven heating and cooling with an optimized control algorithm completes a typical amplification protocol 50% faster than air cooled thermal cyclers. Our PCR 101 Lambda phage genome MiniLab amplifies in less than 20 minutes. Now your students really can setup, program, and complete a DNA amplification lab in one classroom period.

Compact and safe

The compact and fully enclosed MiniOne PCR System saves bench space and ensures students are not exposed to wires and heating elements. Additional features include interlocking lid which must be closed for the thermal cycling program to start, low noise level that won’t disrupt lecture discussions, and bright LEDs on the unit indicating each protocol stage for easy monitoring.

Mobile device connection


The MiniOne PCR System connects to mobile devices with no cable or WIFI through an intuitive and interactive app, engaging students by having them program and monitor their own PCR reactions.

Constant temperature

The MiniOne PCR System is more than just a thermal cycler. It is also a heating block and a colding block, replacing that messy, bacteria-infested water bath. Use it for precisely-timed restriction digests, transformations, DNA extractions, or just keeping reagents at a constant temperature.

Amplification completed

After the PCR reactions are completed, the samples can be held at 4°C in the unit until they are ready for the next step. The samples can be run on a gel in the MiniOne Electrophoresis System immediately or stored in the refrigerator.


The MiniOne Electrophoresis System is a safe, classroom-friendly, compact system that replaces your traditional electrophoresis running tank, power supply, and UV transilluminator.


  • Interlocking magnet on/off mechanism on the hood and low voltage keeps users safe from electric shock
  • Non-hazardous GelGreen™ stain fluoresces in blue light, eliminating the need for ethidium bromide and UV
  • Durable graphite electrodes are robust for classroom use
  • Buffer tank, gel tray, and comb fit only the correct way for foolproof set up
  • Ventilated photo hood with optimized focal distance and optimally placed blue LEDs provides clear uniform visualization and ability to photograph with mobile devices

Cast gels easily without leaks or mess

Gel cast
Making the gel is fast, easy, and economical :

  • Microwave two gel cups for 30 seconds and pour each into the gel tray to make two gels simultaneously
  • Minimal agarose and buffer used to cast and run the gel

The casting system of MiniOne Electrophoresis System features :

  • Pre-prepared GelGreen™ cups, making lab prep simple and fast
  • Drop-and-pour gel trays, which require no tape or gaskets -> no more leaks or mess
  • Clear reference point on the gel tray for the combs to prevent bottomless wells

Error-free gel loading

Loading a gel can be challenging, especially when the wells are hard to see. Turning on the blue LEDs provides contrast between the gel and the well so students can see the outline of each well as they are loading.

Observe real-time DNA results

The MiniOne Electrophoresis System lets students watch the DNA bands migrate and see their results in real-time. Go from sample to picture-ready results in 20 minutes.

Take pictures with ease

It’s easy to take pictures of DNA results with the MiniOne Electrophoresis System. Students enjoy the excitement of taking pictures on their smartphones to share and compare with their classmates.