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OPTIPETTE Pipette Series


Ergonomically designed OPTIPETTE pipettes feature slim handle, high accuracy and precision rates combined with their tremendous robustness and very competitive price.

Features :

  • Contoured shape of the handle and finger-hook
  • Low pipette weight and soft springs system
  • Reliable sealing system
  • Built-in user-recalibration system

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Ergonomically designed OPTIPETTE single and multichannel pipettes feature slim handle, high accuracy and precision rates combined with their tremendous robustness and very competitive price. New pipetting mechanism allows for precise and effortless setting of pipette volume. Winding the counter from min to max volume can be performed with one hand in minimal time.


  • Contoured shape of the handle, equipped with a finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue
  • Low pipette weight and soft springs system provides comfort at work, even during long pipetting series
  • Reliable sealing system ensures reliability of results
  • Built-in user-recalibration system allows matching of the pipette for your specific application
  • Set of six colour rings allows for additional pipette identification (e.g. a pipette user or an application)

Accuracy and precision

HTL Pipettes are renowned for their outstanding accuracy and precision rates. What characterizes HTL's equipment is the fact that it not only performs great when it’s brand new, but it also maintains its superbly reproducible performance after years of usage. This important advantage is the result of both stringent quality control procedures applied by HTL's QC Department and manufacturing know how gained by them within more than 35 years of pipette manufacturing. From the very initial stages of the designing process, HTL pipettes are crafted to meet the requirement of long lasting reproducibility.
The following features of HTL pipettes allow them to attain this goal :

  • Ultra smooth pistons
  • Balanced operation forces
  • Low thermal conductivity

The properties of raw materials applied for the construction of HTL pistons combined with the unique technology of piston polishing result in extraordinary smoothness of this vital component. The smoother the move of the piston, the more repeatable its shape, the more accurate aspiration of the pipette is.
In order to ensure the repeatability of the measurement, it is essential to keep the right proportion between the pipetting force, the blowout stop and the blowout force. On one hand it is essential to keep the operation forces at the lowest possible rate, on the other hoverer it is crucial to let the user feel the right moment when he should stop pressing the pushbutton down, before blowout. The tension of the pipetting and blowout springs applied in newest HTL pipettes is the result of decades of experience. Careful selection of the spring material and their shape allowed us to combine these two necessities in HTL pipettes. The new construction of the plunger assays applied in above pipettes allows for pipetting with unnoticeable effort, but to feel clear stop between pipetting and blowout at the same time. Thanks to this design the precision of work is easily obtained even by less experienced pipette operators.
Extensive work with some pipettes may result in warming them up from the warmth the hand of the operator. The increase of pipette temperature could cause an accuracy error due to expansion of the air drawing the liquid into the tip. Ultimately the warmer the air, the more expanded the air, the less liquid is aspirated and the larger the error. HTL pipettes resist this negative factor due to the low thermal conductivity of their handles. The material of our pipette components coming in touch with operators’ palms do not worm up as fast as the plastic applied by most of other pipette manufacturers.