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CSI Forensics MiniLab


Thanks to shows like CSI, forensics is a popular field that interests all types of students. Using the CSI Forensics MiniLab, students develop an understanding of forensic science and gel electrophoresis while investigating the mystery of who killed Dr. Ward.

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Ideal for high school biology and forensic science students, this MiniLab contains materials for 10 groups (30-40 students). Using the MiniOne System and this CSI Forensics MiniLab, students get a chance to be crime scene investigators in the classroom.

  • Students cast, load, and run agarose gels using DNA from a crime scene, victim, and three suspects
  • Logically integrate multiple lines of evidence, including fingerprints, hair samples, and DNA profiling to connect an individual with a crime scene
  • Understand the statistical principles of human identification using DNA
  • Store in the refrigerator; GelGreen™ Cups should be left in the original package and protected from light; guaranteed stable for six months with proper storage

Materials included in each MiniLab

Each MiniLab contains enough materials for 10 workstations, 2 – 3 students per workstation.

  • 10 1% agarose GelGreen™ Cups
  • 5 DNA samples
  • 1 bottle of 100 ml Tris-Borate-EDTA (TBE) buffer concentrate, enough to make 2L of 1X running buffer
  • 1 bag of 0.65 ml microcentrifuge tubes
  • 1 bag of 2-200 µl micropipette tips
  • 1 Teacher's guide

Teaching resources

Teacher's guide, student guide and classroom handouts to get the most out of your CSI Forensics Kit.