0.2 ml FastGene PCR tubesView larger

0.2 ml Fast PCR tubes, attached flat caps (FG021F)


Because of a very unique manufacturing process it is possible to obtain extreme thin walls but very robust performance at a ultrahigh reproducibility. These unique properties of the polymeric material lead to the fact that the tubes and strips will allow a very good contact in almost all available heating blocks.

Features :

  • 0.2 ml Fast PCR tubes, attached flat cap
  • Very resistant thin walls allowing fast PCR
  • Optically clear caps well suited for real-time PCR
  • DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin and PCR inhibitor free
  • Perfectly suited to be used on the Rotor-Gene

More details



Due to the thin walls the heat transfer is very fast and homogenous from the heating block to the sample. All tubes and strips are precision injection moulded, manufactured under very stringent conditions using a clean room and are therefore free of RNase, DNase and human genomic DNA.

These tubes are perfectly suited to be used on the Rotor-Gene.