MagPurix 12A Nucleic Acid Extraction System


Fully automated, highly innovative system for quick molecular biology sample preparation from a wide range of biological specimens. Incorporating advanced technologies, from magnetic bead separation technology to polygon reaction chambers, the MagPurix® 12A ensures top quality results in just 3 easy steps : load samples, run pre-programed protocol and collect results.

Features :

  • Walk-away press and go automation
  • Easy protocol setup with barcode scan
  • Magnetic bead technology
  • 1 - 12 samples simultaneously

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3 easy steps

A complete solution containing everything needed for your applications. Zinexts instruments are designed to be the most reliable and yet the easiest to use systems on the market. Technicians only need to LOAD the starting materials, RUN the pre-programmed protocol, and OBTAIN the final results. It’s as simple as 3 steps, no complicated procedures to follow :

Advanced magnetic bead technology

Consistency is vital in any type of standardized processing, which can be easily achieved with a user-friendly machine and reliable reagents. Zinexts MagPurix® system combines the latest magnetic bead separation technique with a strict quality control system for reagents, shortening your path to achieve consistency.


All in one design – dedicated to molecular assays

No more moving liquid solutions around ! Zinexts has made the dream of every molecular biotechnology professional come true. From the primary tube straight to the PCR setup, a worry free system that guarantees high quality results combined with a unique contamination prevention mechanism eliminates any error that may occur during manual operation.

Polygon reaction chamber

Zinexts MagPurix® has an unrivaled mixing ability and an ingeniously designed reaction chamber with patented parts that ensure high efficiencies of lysis and elution while minimizing the residues of magnetic beads and alcohols in the final elute product.


Electrochemistry detection

Rapid molecular test is no longer just an idea. With a patented electrochemistry detection system, Zinexts has provided molecular biotechnology professionals a quick, powerful and accurate tool to handle bigger and greater tasks.

Purification process



Cat. No.ZP01005
TechnologiesLiquid handling based on 4D-catch nano magnetic particles
Automation LevelFully automated
Sample Throughput1 - 12 samples simultaneously
Reagent Assortment17 pre-packed kits for any kind of sample type and subsequent uses
Extraction Time30 - 60 minutes
Opt. Sample Volume Range100 - 2,000 μl
Opt. Elution Volume Range50 - 400 μl
InputBarcode-scanner or manually by touchpad
Weight55 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
56.0 x 51.0 x 59.0 cm
Electrical110-240V 50/60 Hz
Heating Block TemperatureUp to 200°C


MagPurix Reagent Selection Guide


Kit Selection Guide

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