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Pipette Tips 200 μl Refill System


Tip Refill System contains durable refill rack that can be easily refilled by hand and is autoclavable.

Features :

  • RNase-/DNase-free
  • Non pyrogenic
  • Translucent rack allows tips to be easily seen
  • Color-coded insert allows for easy identification of tip

More details



  • MicroVolume Tips 1 -200 ul
  • Perfect fitting and sealing with HTL pipettes secures the best possible accuracy and precision
  • Compatible with most other pipettes on the market
  • Non Sterile
  • One refill contains 10 trays with 96 tips each plus an empty rack box.
  • Available only for 10 µl and 200 µl tips with graduation marks.
  • Certified DNase, RNase, Pyrogen free