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Forced Air Incubators


The Coy Incubator is designed to maximize incubator capacity while minimizing use of the workspace.

Features :

  • Forced air circulation
  • Monitors and controls a constant temperature environment
  • Digital readout
  • Light-weight design that is durable and easy to clean

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Model 2000 Forced Air Incubator for Vinyl Chambers

This incubator is custom-engineered to create a constant-temperature environment in vinyl chambers. Unlike cube-shaped incubators with swingout doors, the Model 2000 features a streamlined shape and sliding doors. There is no wasted space in front of the incubator for door clearance. Uniform heating results from forced air being drawn horizontally across the inside face of the door panels and from around the incubator’s outer shell. Solid-state electronics allow precise monitoring and control of heat output. A bright LED digital display provides a readout of the incubator’s actual mean temperature and allows the operator to set the desired temperature. The Model 2000 is available in a standard unit with a temperature range of up to 40oC or in a higher-range unit up to 65oC. The incubator maintains a uniform temperature with a maximum deviation of +/- 1oC from the setpoint. It has a capacity of 350 standard (100 mm) petri dishes and is available in 110 or 220 volts.