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  • Myra Liquid Handling System

    Meet Myra

    An intelligent liquid handling system for every lab


  • DS-11 FX

    DS-11 Series

    The most sensitive 1 µl UV-Vis available, with integrated fluorescence module


  • Vü

    Capture images without a camera

    Just push the sample draw in and Vü does the rest


  • CellDrop

    Count cells without slides

    Reduce plastic waste in your lab. Eliminate disposable slides costs.


  • Qsep

    Qsep Fragment Analyzer

    Simple, user friendly, cartridge based bench top capillary gel electrophoresis system


Mic Real-Time PCR System

Mic uses a patented magnetic induction technology to heat your samples and fan forced air for cooling. This means fast qPCR results through rapid heating and cooling with 35 cycles possible in under 25 minutes*


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Labgene Scientific is commercializing advanced and high quality products, reagents and consumables for molecular biology laboratories, facilities and platforms. We provide global solutions for the life science research laboratories, diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical industry.

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