Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR
  • Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR

Naica Nio+ 7-color Digital PCR

Reference: N30027

Processing hundreds of samples a day ? Running highly multiplexed experiments ? Doing both ? Nio+ supports labs regardless of size, and has your use cases covered.

Features :

  • Automation-friendly
  • Capacity of 768 chambers
  • Continuous loading
  • All-in-one
  • 7 colors


The same dimensions as the lab consumables you already use, and compatible with your existing equipment. Our Ruby Chip is the most user-friendly microfluidics consumable we have built to date.


Capacity of 768 chambers

Nio+ supports a high-throughput capacity of 768 chambers processed per 8-hour workday. Below are examples of how that capacity can be reached, and the flexibility of Nio+.

Continuous loading

Nio+ is the only digital PCR instrument that works like labs work. With the capacity to handle samples incoming at changing intervals. Anytime you are ready, for up to 8 Chip Plates, Nio+ assumes the tempo your lab operates at.


Nio+ is the smallest all-in-one digital PCR instrument at its capacity. With a footprint of just 56 cm by 67 cm, it fits in even the smallest lab.


7 colors

Nio+ is the only instrument that allows for the reading of 7 colors. State of the art imaging system, with support for the colors and dyes you use today :


Quantify 4x more targets in a single assay using color combination

In simple color multiplexing, a target is detected using a single fluorophore in a single channel. In color combination multiplexing, a target is detected using two separate fluorophores detected in 2 different channels. Such a strategy allows the development of assays to detect and individually quantify much more targets using Nio+. Thanks to a population editor based on fluorescence co-localization criteria, our software seamlessly integrates the analysis of color combination assays. A 16-target example :


A powerful analysis software

Crystal Miner software automatically identifies positive and negative droplets in all the fluorescence channels of interest and measures the concentrations of targeted nucleic acids.

With its intuitive visuals, Crystal Miner software eases the analysis of complex and highly multiplexed assays.

The unique Explore Crystal feature linking any dot in a dot plot to its corresponding droplet in the Droplet Crystal allows for a comprehensive analysis of the dot plots and provides precious information on assay performances for a better control of the quality of the experiment.

Along with the ability to read data arranged along 1D, 2D, and 3D dot plots, it is possible to get access to raw data and export experimental details and results.

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