Ultrospec 7500


Ultrospec® 7500 Focus…on quality control
Features :
  • The Ultrospec 7500 is a simple-to-use instrument—with highly advanced performance functionality,
  • Sophisticated GLP mode to ensure high quality, consistent and reliable results.
  • Versatile and precise, this instrument is ideal for use in any high-end, manufacturing or production laboratory..

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Easy to use icon-driven touch screen for a true ‘plug-and-play’ setup.
Screen-shot function for easy data capture and export
Robust, compact, and reliable for general laboratory measurements.
Combines basic measurement modes with enhanced software functionality and method storage.
Can be upgraded with Resolution CFR computer control software to form a powerful system.
Provides stored routines for DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide quantitation and purity check.
Pre-loaded of commonly available fluorescent dyes for highly precious samples
Xenon lamp for longer lifetime by incorporating press-to-read technology and lower running costs (three year lamp warranty).

Ultrospec 7500

Power. Precision. Simplicity.

Simple to use and with all the features you need, the Ultrospec 7500 spectrophotometer is perfect for any manufacturing or production laboratory. It’s reliable, robust, and one of the most precise quality control instruments on the market.

Insanely precise, with consistent results.

Your work depends on accurate, consistent results – and the Ultrospec 7500 delivers.  With a <2nm spectral bandwidth and wavelength accuracy of ±1 nm, it offers unmatched precision and reproducibility.  Never doubt your data again.

Powerful onboard firmware that saves you time.

The onboard firmware provides a wide selection of pre-loaded methods – including applications for quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, cell density, and more. Measurements can be taken via direct absorbance, or through the pre-loaded menu of commonly available fluorescent dyes for high-precision requirements.

8-Cell sample carousel = 8x productivity.

Need to run multiple samples at once?  The Ultrospec 7500 includes an automated 8-cell sample carousel, making it easy to increase your throughput (and finish faster).

Energy-efficient touchscreen display.


Wavelength Range190 to 1100 nm
Monochromator1200 lines/mm Aberration corrected concave grating
Wavelength CalibrationAutomatic upon switch on
Beam Height15 mm
Spectral Bandwidth< 2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy±1 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility±0.5 nm
Light SourcesXenon flash lamp
DetectorTwo silicon photodiodes
Photometric Range-3.000 to 3.000 A, 0.1 to 100000 %T
Photometric Accuracy±0.5 % or ±0.003 A whichever is greater at 546 nm
Photometric Reproducibility±0.5 % to 3.000 A at 546 nm
Stray Light <0.05 %T at 220 nm using NaI or at 340 nm using NaNO2, <0.10 %T at 380 using NaNO2
Stability±0.001 A/h at 340 nm for 0 A
Noise±0.002 peak to peak ± 0.0005 RMS at 340 nm for 0 A
Digital OutputUSB Flash Drive, PC via PVC software, Optional Bluetooth
Data ExportUSB Flash Drive: .tsv, native PVC format
Method Storage156 with PIN number protection
Graphical DisplayYes, zoom and track function
Sample IDYes
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
Dimensions510 × 350 × 160 mm
Weight13.00 kg
Power Input19 VDC at max 90 VA from a supplied 100 to 240 V~, 50/60 Hz Mains Power Adapter