InGenius3 Gel Documentation System


InGenius3 is the perfect choice for low budget gel documentation and analysis fluorescence applications. It features a compact darkroom which has a sliding front door and an internal LED white light.

Features :

  • 12/16 bit image system with 3.0 million pixel manual camera
  • Manual zoom lens and filter drawer for a wide range of applications
  • Sliders for transilluminator with 20 x 20 cm UV (or blue transilluminator)

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InGenius3 has a 3.0 million pixel camera and can produce images with 16 bit image depth. A manual zoom lens and manual filter drawer (includes a UV filter) completes the package.

There are two options of transilluminator - both models can slide out of the darkroom to aid cutting and viewing. One option is the slimline 302 nm transilluminator for UV applications. This can be used with an optional converter for white light applications. InGenius3 can also be used with a Ultra-Slim LED blue light transilluminator.

The system is controlled by the new GeneSys software. An external PC is required optimised for Windows 7 Pro and with a screen resolution set to a minimum of 768 vertical.

The system comes complete with GeneTools analysis software and UV table.


  • PC driven system with real-time image capture, enhancement and analysis
  • High resolution 3.0 million pixel CCD camera
  • Flexible lighting options for comprehensive fluorescent imaging
  • Compact darkroom with safety features
  • Instant photographic quality prints to any PC compatible printer
  • Programmable user configurations
  • Networking for instant archiving
Small and compact darkroom with sliding doorSmall footprint taking up minimal laboratory bench space
Camera enables pixel resolution up to 3.0 million pixels                High quality images
12/16 bit images (0 - 65,536 grey levels dynamic range)Precise quantitation
Filter drawer                                    Capable of viewing a wide range of different fluorophores
UV to visible light converter screenEasy imaging of protein gels, autoradiographs and colony plates
GeneTools analysis softwareSaves time by automating analysis of gels,
colony plates & blots
Connect to any PCUse a computer of your choice


Syngene's revolutionary GeneSys image acquisition software has been developed for use With G:BOX, G:BOX mini, GeneGnome and lnGenius3 systems. GeneSys ensures scientists can quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels.

The latest version of GeneSys has lots of fantastic and exciting new features. These include:

  • Two new Chemi capture features (Auto Chemi Rapid and Signal Accumulation Calculator (SAC))
  • The ability to capture colour markers and overlay with a chemi image
  • Batch saving of images
  • "Save as" replaces 'Export for publication'

Enhanced image is a new feature in the edit screen and the number of steps for automatic capture have been reduced to ensure a quicker route to a Live image.

GeneSys image capture software is suitable for a CFR21 Part 11 compliant environment.




Image resolution3.0 million pixels
Bit depth12/16 bit
Greyscales4,096/65,536 levels
Dynamic range3.6/4.8 log
Viewing area20 x 20 cm
LensManual zoom 6.5 - 39, F1.4


UV transilluminator / blue tableYes
Visible light NovaGlo converterYes
White Epi overheadYes
Dual UV EpiOption
Blue EpiOption


Dimensions (W x D x H)40.0 x 37.5 x 62.0 cm


Electrophoresis gelsEthidium Bromide, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, GRGreen, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green, SYBR Safe, GelStar®, Fluorescein , Sypro Ruby, Sypro Orange, Sypro®Red, Rhodamine Red™, Deep Purple™, Pro-Q® Diamond, Texas Red®
Agar platesLight or dark colonies including 2 colour
Cells in flasksLight or dark
AutoradiographsPositive or negative films
Membranes (colorimetric)DNA, RNA, protein
Spot and slot blotsDNA, RNA, protein
TLC platesUV or visible
Microtiter platesCells or solutions
Macro-arraysDNA or protein