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96-Well Ring Magnet Plate Low Elution PCR


A ring magnet low elution plate that was designed for use in automation applications where handling volumes as low as 5 µl is required. The angled frame around the top of this plate helps with two things, straitening out the PCR plate, and leading it to the proper location on the magnets.

Features :

  • PCR plates wont shift off of magnets with any lateral movements associated with robots, shakers, etc.
  • Helps aid in flattening out warped or bent PCR plates which is critical when working in low volumes
  • Compatible with most 96-Well full-skirt, half-skirt and no skirt plates
  • SBS compliant footprint
  • Working volumes as low as 5 µl

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Strong NdFeB magnets
Super strong 50 GMO Neodymium ring magnets collect beads into about a 2 mm ring near bottom of each well

Fast separation
The strongest possible magnets are used for each application

Solid design
Manufactured from solid aluminum and hard coat anodized for years of trouble free use

Compatible with full, 1/2, and non -skirted PCR plates with any magnetic beads


Size127.75 mm x 85.47 mm x 14 mm
Magnets50 MGO NdFeb


  • DNA/RNA purification
  • PCR cleanup
  • NGS
  • Lower volume samples