MagPurix EVO 12 CE IVD Nucleic Acid Extraction System


Fully automated, highly innovative CE IVD system for quick sample purification from a wide range of biological specimens. Incorporating advanced technologies, from magnetic bead separation technology to polygon reaction chambers, the MagPurix® EVO 12 ensures quick and top quality results.

Features :

  • Easy protocol setup with barcode scan
  • Magnetic bead technology
  • Easy-to-Use interface with sample tracking
  • 1 - 12 samples simultaneously
  • Full LIMS connectivity

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The MagPurix EVO series is a new fully-automated CE IVD clinical sample preparation system for fast, high-purity and high-yield nucleic acids & cell purification from a wide range of sample types for molecular diagnostic, clinical diagnostic, and forensic. Inheriting all benefits from the MagPurix family, the features include a compact, user friendly and intuitive interface, pre-loaded protocols with free upgrades and a full kits and samples traceability system with end-run complete report in compliance with 21 CFR part 11 regulation.

The MagPurix EVO Systems empower scientists and laboratories to achieve meaningful results with confidence and simplified sample preparation to minimize hands-on time, handling error and purification variability.

Purify DNA / RNA / CTC with a finger touch

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Purification process


User interface

Purification kits

A wide range of ready-to-use extraction kits is available for fast, high-purity and high-yield nucleic acid purification from a wide range of sample types for molecular diagnostics. Click the button below to see what's available.


MagPurix Extraction Kits


MagPurix EVO 12 Series  
MagPurix EVO 24 Series 
Cat. No.ZP01016ZP01017
TechnologyLiquid handling based on 4D-catch nano magnetic particles
Automation levelFully automated
Sample throughput1 - 12 samples simultaneously1 - 24 samples simultaneously
Reagent assortment20 pre-packed kits for any kind of sample type and subsequent uses
Extraction time30 - 180 minutes depending on the protocol
Sample volume range100 - 5,000 μl, customisable
Elution volume range50 - 300 μl, customisable
InputBarcode-scanner or manually by key touchpad
Display7" inch color touch panel
Weight70 kg100 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
62.3 x 63.5 x 60.9 cm91.5 x 66.5 x 60.4 cm
Electrical110-240V 50/60 Hz
Operation trackingAutomatic video recording of the entire extraction process
Sample trackingYes
LIMS connectivity
Import/export via SD card


MagPurix Reagent Selection Guide


Kit Selection Guide

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