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LABGENE-96 Automated Extraction Robot


LABGENE-96 is an automated device based on magnetic bead purification technology, for purifying DNA, RNA, proteins and cells from a variety of sample types such as body fluids, cells or tissue. This system enables high-speed, high-quality processing with no cross-contamination between the samples or reagent carry-over.

Features :

  • High throughput. 96 samples purified at once
  • Versatile. Wide range of kits and protocols available
  • Easy-to-use. Intuitive device with flexible programs
  • Robust. Stable magnetic head, not affected by vibrations

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LABGENE-96 extraction robot is designed to meet the requirements for nucleic acid purification with high efficiency and purity.

Robust and reliable technology

The magnetic beads provide a high surface area for binding. The use of LABGENE-96 with magnetic beads allows for the uniform distribution of the beads in the buffers. The robot uses a 96-rod magnetic head in order to move the nucleic acids along with the magnetic beads through the different extraction steps : lysis, binding, washing, and elution.

Ideal extraction process.jpg

This technique considerably limits sample and reagent cross-contamination thanks to the automated distribution of liquids. The robustness of the LABGENE-96 is guaranteed by the stability of its magnetic head. The comb holder protects the head from instrument vibrations. Operator security is ensured thanks to a safety which automatically stops powering the device if the cover is opened.

One program for each application

A wide range of kits and protocols is available for use on the LABGENE-96.

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LABGENE-96 uses polypropylene consumables suited to extraction and purification with magnetic beads. Thanks to their low binding affinity for biomolecules, these consumables allow for the efficient homogenisation and collection of magnetic beads :

Comb to protect the magnetic headIDTIP.jpg
96-well plate for the steps of lysis, binding and washingIDWELL.jpg
96-well plate for the elution step



Processing volume100-1,000 µl
Maximum number of samples / cycle96
Collection efficiency of magnetic beads≥ 95%
Display7'' color touchscreen
UV Light
Dimensions (W x D x H)56.0 x 62.0 x 50.0 cm
Weight54 kg
Sound intensity< 70 dB
ElectricityAC100‐240V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 450 VA
ConnectivityUSB, SD Card