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SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX Kit has been developed for fast, highly reproducible real-time PCR and has been validated on commonly used real-time instruments.

The latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, ensure that the SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX Kit produces fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive real-time PCR.

Features :

  • Rapid - hot-start capability saves time and reduces primer-dimer formation
  • Unique buffer chemistry - for highest specificity
  • Broad dynamic range - for high sensitivity
  • Simple and reproducible - just add primers and template

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The antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system reduces the chances of primer/dimers formation. This allows a much greater dynamic range by removing competition for reaction components during amplification, in turn allowing greater sensitivity. The addition of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers also ensures that the SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX Kit produces fast, highly-specific and reproducible real-time PCR results in under 30 minutes. For expression analysis, SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit is the perfect partner for SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX Kit for very fast cDNA synthesis and real-time results, without compromising sensitivity or quality.

For added convenience, SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX is provided as a 2X mastermix containing all the components necessary for real-time PCR, including the SYBR® Green I dye, dNTPs, stabilizers and enhancers. SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX is used with real-time PCR instruments that do not require a passive reference.

Instrument Compatibility

Roche LightCycler® 480 platform, LightCycler® Nano, Bio-Rad Opticon™, Opticon™2, Chromo4™, MiniOpticon™, CFX96™, CFX384™, Cepheid SmartCycler®, Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ 3000, Rotor-Gene™ 6000, Rotor-Gene™ Q, Eppendorf Mastercycler®ep realplex, PCRmax Eco™, Takara Thermal Cycler Dice® (TP800), Analytik Jena qTOWER and Techne Quantica®, PrimeQ.



  • Biomarker discovery and validation
  • ChIP
  • Drug therapy efficacy
  • Gene knockdown validation
  • Microarray validation
  • Pathogen detection
  • Cancer risk assessment
  • Detection of extremely low copy targets
  • Gene dosage determination
  • Genotyping, allelic discrimination, SNP, haplotyping
  • Microbial quantification
  • DNA damage measurement
  • Gene expression analysis
  • High‑throughput qPCR
  • Mitochondrial DNA studies


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