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2.0 ml DuraTube Bead Beating Tubes And Caps (LC273)


DuraTube high-impact bead beating tubes are manufactured from a proprietary resin that is specially-formulated for bead beating applications, allowing them to withstand more than twice as much homogenization time in such applications. They are well suited for homogenization, grinding and lysing on the Precellys Evolution, Precellys24, Precellys24-Dual and Minilys systems.

Features :

  • Shatter-resistant -> they're up to the task
  • Graduated every 100 μl for easy volume estimation
  • Self-standing, skirted base
  • Secure O-ring screw cap ensures a tight seal
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitors
  • Delivered empty - beads must be added

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