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GRGreen DNA Loading Buffer


GRGreen Loading Buffer contains GRGreen Nucleic Acid Stain, a highly sensitive fluorescent dye that enables instant band visualization during or immediately after running your agarose gel. Supplied in 6X loading buffer, it forms a tight complex with the sample nucleic acids and comigrates with nucleic acids during electrophoresis.

Features :

  • Compatible with UV or blue light transilluminator and common gel documentation systems
  • Does not affect downstream experiments
  • Also compatible with sodium borate electrophoresis buffer
  • Cut out DNA bands for subcloning under safer blue light : no mutations caused by EB and UV light

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After the run, simply place the gel on a standard UV or blue light transilluminator to view nucleic acids bands. No post staining or destaining is required.

GRGreen Loading Buffer can be used to prestain your DNA samples prior to sample loading. This prestaining treatment can dramatically increase band sharpness (eliminate smiley and smearing), resulting better resolution of DNA bands.

GRGreen Loading Buffer is supplied as a 6X gel loading buffer. For long-term storage the loading buffer should be stored at -20℃ protected from light. It is stable for 6 months at -20℃ and 1 month at 4℃.