HI-LEDs Lighting Option


The option to add a full spectrum of high intensity blue, green, red and infra-red HI-LEDs that are up to 200 times brighter than standard LEDs, offering faster exposure times and cost-effective imaging for a wide range of fluorescence gel and blot applications.

HI-LEDs excitation ranges (+/- 10 nm) :

  • Blue – Peak 470 nm
  • Green – Peak 525 nm
  • Red – Peak 623 nm
  • IR – Peak 740 nm

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Fluorescent Western Blotting

Fluorescent western blotting is the method to use if you want to visualise multiple different proteins and quantitatively compare them because unlike chemiluminescence which only produces white light, each type of fluorophore emits different coloured light. Therefore, you can use several fluorescent molecules simultaneously to detect different target proteins all on one blot. These dyes fluoresce with high intensity UV, RGB or IR lighting, giving you the flexibility to multiplex without the loss of signal due to stripping and re-probing your blot. Unlike chemiluminescence, fluorescent signals have greater stability over time, which means your results are linear and more accurate.

With specific filters and HI-LED RGB and IR lighting options you can rapidly image multiplex fluorescent proteins using the G:BOX Chemi or G:BOX Mini systems. The system’s GeneSys software automatically selects the best combination of lighting and filters available to image each dye. You can then capture one or multiple images of your blot and overlay different coloured images. This means you can produce one complete picture of all your different fluorescent proteins, making visualising and analysing each one accurately, a quick and easy task.