Minilys Personal Homogenizer


Especially designed for low throughput laboratory workflows, Minilys homogenizes simultaneously 3 samples in 0.5 ml or 2 ml tubes or 1 sample in 7 ml tube.

Features :

  • Universal tissue homogenizer
  • 3 tubes 2 ml/0.5 ml or 1 tube 7 ml
  • Offers optimal robustness, safety, ease-of-use

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Minilys is a compact and flexible tissue homogenizer to full-fill punctual sample preparation needs for every laboratories working on biological samples. Especially designed to offer the optimal efficiency of grinding, lysing and homogenizing, Minilys is capable to handle 3 tubes of 2mL/0.5mL or 1 tube of 7mL to offers the capability to process any type of samples. Its manual but not screw-in locking system makes Minilys an easy pick up laboratory instrument.

Affordable, Minilys offers the best personal homogenization solution. Minilys is ideal for daily lab workflow. Associated with the appropriate lysing kit, Minilys can even grind difficult samples like grains or hairs.


The Minilys is the only personnal homogenizer based on a 8-figure 3D-motion (multi-directional) movement of the tubes. The same high level of energy is given to the beads inside each tubes providing the same homogenization efficiency to all the processed samples. Thanks to this complex movement, the Minilys can disrupt any type of samples (even the hardest ones) in seconds with a perfect reproducibility in limiting heat generation. The system used to secure the tubes is manual and very easy for the users compared to a screw-in system that can be painful.

Lysing Kits


From 1 to 3 tubes 2 ml, 1.5 ml or 0.5 ml
1 tube of 7 ml
Speed range3,000; 4,000 & 5,000 rpm
Locking systemManual (no screw-in system)
Cycles timeFrom 5 sec to 240 sec
Noise<70 dB
Power requirement90 – 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz, Power : 1 kVA
Dimensions (W x D x H)29.0 x 18.0 x 38.0 cm
Weight7 kg


Lysing Kits

To read all the application notes and the full versions, visit Bertin's Application Center.

  • Protein extraction from mouse soft tissues,
    Immunotherapix, Paris, France, Pharmaceutical sciences (code: 03712-810-DU048)
  • RNA extraction from Arabidopsis with Minilys,
    Institute of Plant Molecular Biology – CNRS, Univ. of Strasbourg, France, Agronomy (code: 03712-810-DU049)
  • Mycoviral double-stranded RNA extraction from plant leaf with Minilys,
    Tokyo University of Agricultural and Technology, Institute of Agriculture, division of Bio-regulation and Bio-interaction, Japan, Agronomy (code: 03712-810-DU051)
  • Drug extraction from whole iris-ciliary body pork,
    PharmOptima, Portage MI, USA, Pharmaceutical sciences (code: 03712-810-DU056)
  • RNA Extraction from Mouse Tissues using the Minilys,
    Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Research Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, Biomedical & Health sciences (code: 03712-810-DU078)