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MagPurix Total RNA Extraction Kit


The MagPurix® Total RNA Extraction Kit contains all required reagents and consumables for the rapid automated purification of Total RNA from a wide range of sample types on the MagPurix Automated Nucleic Extraction System.

Features :

  • High quality/integrity total RNA
  • Validated on whole blood, blood cells (PBMCs), cultured cells, yeast, animal tissue, plant tissue
  • No organic chemical used
  • CE IVD

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MagPurix® Reagent Kits are designed to provide the user the highest extraction quality with minimum human interaction. These optimized protocols together with an easy-to-use user interface allow laboratory technicans utilizing their time much better. All reagent kits are available in pre-packed environmentally friendly boxes containing all the components for 48 extractions : separable reagent cartridges, polygon reaction chambers®, tip holders, single sample tubes, elution tubes, filter tips and piercing pins, as well as additional specific buffer and optional RNA carrier.

The uniquely designed magnetic bead processing chamber provides the highest quality results and efficiently removes all inhibitors.

The isolated DNA is of exceptional purity and is suitable for PCR and real-time PCR, genotyping, sequencing (NGS), oncology or pharmacogenomics research and other typical application analysis. It is also compatible for direct PCR analysis.

The kit is supposed to be used on the MagPurix® 12 series and 24 series, allowing the purification of variable number of samples at once.

MagPurix® Extraction Kits are supplied in ready-to-use, prefilled reagent cartridges and specially designed plastic consumables, which ensures speed and convenience in sample preparation and instrument setup.


  • High quality/integrity total RNA
  • Up to 400 μl of whole blood, blood cells, cultured cells
  • Up to 40 mg of animal tissue
  • Up to 100 mg of plant tissue
  • Up to 100 mg of yeast
  • No organic chemical used
  • CE IVD

Validated specimens

  • Whole blood
  • Blood cells (PBMCs)
  • Animal tissue
  • Plant tissue
  • Yeast
  • Culture cells


  • Total RNA


Application note

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