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MagFast384 Universal Purification Kit


MagFast384 is a rapid magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA).

Features :

  • Fast 20 minute automated magnetic purification
  • Compatible with IDEAL™32 and IDEAL™96
  • Compatible with KingFisher™ Flex, KingFisher™ mL and MagMAX™
  • Compatible with BioSprint™

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The ID Gene™ MagFast384 Universal Purification Kit is the fastest magnetic bead based kit currently available on the market, providing high quality nucleic acid eluates in only 20 minutes. It can be used on any matrice and allows to purify any pathogen type.

Combined with the IDEAL™96 system the MagFast384 Kit provides a fast, efficient and sensitive automated solution to purify a high amount of samples in a very short time.

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Key advantage

One single extraction protocol to purify any pathogen's nucleid acid from any template !


  • IDEAL™32 and IDEAL™96 (IDsolutions)
  • ZiXpress™32 (Zinexts)
  • MagMAX™  Express-96 Magnetic Particles Processor (Thermo Fisher Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ 96 (Thermo Fisher Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ Flex (Thermo Fisher Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ mL (Thermo Fisher Scientific™)
  • BioSprint™ (Qiagen™)



  • Whole blood
  • Serum
  • Swabs (oral or nasal)
  • Milk
  • Ear notches
  • Stomach juice
  • Vaginal mucus
  • Tissue/organs (skin / brain / muscle / placenta / spleen)
  • Preputial washing
  • Faeces


  • DNA and RNA viruses
  • Bacterial DNA
  • Parasite DNA
  • Genomic DNA


  • Veterinary diagnostics
  • Life science research